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Jul 1, 2017

Process to Complaint on Jansunwai portal.

By - Chandan


Complaint on CM’s portal against issues in our society, it takes approx 4-5 minutes in filling the detail.

How to do it

Step 1: and click on Register Grievances , Check In Agree Button and Submit

Step 2 : On new screen Input your Phone Number or E mail ID for One Time Password, use the one which is immediately accessible to you as you will receive One Time Password(OTP) to move further. Also enter Captcha digits as indicated

Step 3 : Enter One Time Password and proceed to main page.

Step 4 :  Enter Applicant detail, Select Area as Urban , Select Gbnagar in district, Dadri in Tehsil & Town Area, Bisrakh in Thana , In Grievance Area Detail enter Same as above

Step 5 :  Application detail, please mention Problem , Must Mention our society location, (Arihant Arden, greater Noida West Sector 1)

Some Key Words to be used : like Maintenance Issue, Builder threats. Please frame your own sentence 1 or 2 lines

Step 6 :  In address to Officer, From Drop Down Menu select  peoper “शाषन स्तर ”,

Step 7 :  Click Save and get reference number, Keep the reference number with you for future.


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