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Jun 26, 2017

Meetings Agenda.

By - Chandan

Date : 14 Oct 2017

Dear All,

In continuity of our previous messages related to society betterment.
14th Oct 2017 at 2PM,meeting held with Maintenance team, only handful of residents could join, we can understand it was very short notice Invite and most of the residents had prior commitments due to Diwali. Next meeting we are scheduling with ample amount of time in hand. Hopefully many residents will be available and try to spare some time from their busiest schedule to assist in making our society “One of kind”.

Following agony points were raised to Maintenance Team. For better understanding they are mentioned below with (Responsibility) 

1. Dust pollution near gate no. 3. (Maintenance Team)
2. Basement parking readiness. (Builder)
3. External Paint of Towers.  (Builder)
4. Basement parking CCTV Cameras.  (Builder)
5. Lifts Intercom. (Maintenance Team)
6. House Keeping quality and lack of manpower.  (Maintenance Team and Builder)
7. Common toilets hygiene, sanitation and Lights. (Maintenance Team)
8. Common area Lights and sanitation. (Maintenance Team)
9. Maintenance quality and Issue handling. (Maintenance Team and Builder)
10. Stinky and yellow water in toilets. (Maintenance Team)
11. Without Sticker Vehicle Entry violation. (Maintenance Team and Residents)
Maintenance team already showed prompt response and started working on points related to them. Any awake resident can have monitoring eye on their work and raise finger in case of  their wrong doing or no doing.

We wanted Mr. Kaushik (Maintenance team) to raise these points to Higher Management but Mr. Subash Verma has stopped him not go ahead as Resident didn’t inform them about meeting in one day advance with detailed points. Next time we will schedule meeting with them in very much advance.

Coming back to major points related to Builder. Builder has started showing his character, they are trying their level best for cost cutting, reduced manpower, compromised quality work. No more faulty accessories(water Tap, Shower, Door handles ) replacement and many more things.

 To Remind builder his role and responsibilities we need to have re-occurring  meeting with Builder Team. Let’s start this juggernaut without any break.

 Details for Next Meeting
Date and Time :-28th Oct 2017 10 AM. Saturday 

Participants: -Residents, Maintenance, Builder Team (Subash Verma, Pravej Khan)

Place :-Chaupal

We can understand all residents do not have weekly off on Saturday but Builder Team is not available on Sunday.

 Maintenance Team’s Requests, Suggestions and Guidelines to Residents for keeping the society  CHAOS free, neat and tidy.

 1. Use marked parking places for parking the Vehicles. 
2. Use dustbin for disposing the garbage mainly in common area.
3.Guide kids not to play Football over podium, Football is breaking Lights and trees over Podium.
4.Don’t park vehicle at Entry or Exit points.
5. Don't throw garbage (polythene, sanitary pads, diapers, unused paper) from ducts or shaft areas.
6. Don't let you pets poop/pee in open.
7. Not to destroy society’s façade.
8. Be helpful, cooperative with Security Guards and House Keeping Staff.
9. Educate your domestic helps for maintaining hygiene and not to litter, urinate, Defecate  in fire exit stairs or other common area.
10. Don't  call both lifts for your use and educate the same to your domestics helps.

P.S – Subash verma or any other person from builder side was not available in the meeting held on 14th Oct 2017.

Date: 12June 2017.
Maintained By: JLL
Auditor: Arden Resident. 

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