Complaint through App in Greater Noida.

By - Ashutosh

Greater Noida Authority has launched an app.

This app is going to help the resident of greater Noida to raise the complain.

Link to download the app.

Note: To get userId and Password, visit the authority office and fill the form with your property detail. After confirmation/varification they will send userId and password on registered mobile by SMS.

Free e-Library

By - Ashutosh

|| Free e-Library ||

यह ई पुस्तकालय है, जिसमें दर्जनों अमूल्य ग्रंथों के PDF सहेजे गए हैं, ताकि यह अधिक से अधिक लोगों के काम आ सकें, धर्म और राष्ट्र संबंधी विषय पर PDF में अमूल्य पुस्तकें इन लिंक में संग्रहित हैं, आप विषय देखकर लिंक खोलें तो बहुत सी पुस्तकें मिलेंगी, सभी पुस्तकें आप निशुल्क download कर सकते हैं, इन लिंक्स में सैकड़ों किताबें हैं, जो कई पीढ़ियों की मेहनत का फल हैं, इस हिंद महासागर से मोती चुन लें........

Swami Dayananda - स्वामी दयानंद रचित :-

Aadi Shankaracharya - आद्य शंकराचार्य :-

Sri Aurobindo - श्री अरविंदो :-

Swami Vivekanand - स्वामी विवेकानन्द :-

Swami Ramteerth - स्वामी रामतीर्थ :-

Sitaram Goel - सीताराम गोयल :-

Veer Savarkar - वीर सावरकर :-

Swami Shivanand - स्वामी शिवानंद :-

हिन्दू, राष्ट्र व हिन्दुराष्ट्र :-

Basic Hinduism -

Hindutva and India :-

Islam Postmortem - इस्लाम की जांच पड़ताल :-

Christianity Postmortem - बाइबिल पर पैनी दृष्टि :-

Autobiography - आत्मकथाएं :-

धर्म एवं आध्यात्म -

यज्ञ Yajna -

Brahmcharya - ब्रह्मचर्य :-

Yog - योग :-

Upanishad - उपनिषद :-

Geeta - श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता :-

Manu and pure Manusmriti - महर्षि मनु व शुद्ध मनुस्मृति :-

Valmeeki and Kamba Ramayan - वाल्मीकि व कम्ब रामायण :-

Books on Vedas - वेदों पर किताबें :-

Maharshi Dayananda - महर्षि दयानंद समग्र :-

-------------Complete commentaries on Veda - सम्पूर्ण वेद भाष्य --------

Introduction to the Commentary on the 4 Vedas - ऋग्वेदादिभाष्यभूमिका :-

RigVeda - ऋग्वेद सम्पूर्ण -

YajurVeda - यजुर्वेद सम्पूर्ण -

SamaVeda - सामवेद सम्पूर्ण -

AtharvaVeda - अथर्ववेद सम्पूर्ण -


This site is made by the students of the University of Mumbai, where all the study material needed to prepare for the students who want to prepare for the various competitive exams like U.P.S.C, M.P.S.C, I.B.P.S, P.S, S.S.C, N.D.A, C.D.S, R.B.I, Railways, etc. is provided free of cost.

*Kindly forward to all the groups for the benefit of the needy students*.

Tuition - FAQ

By - Ashutosh

Batch and Home Tuitions
Subjects offered :
1. Maths for classes VIII, IX & X
2. English (Grammar, Written and Spoken) for Students and Housewives
Teacher: Mr Pawan.

-  English Magic
English speaking classes starting from 2nd June..
*Basics of communication.
*Basic English Grammar.
*Speaking English for the real world.
*Public speaking.
*Personality development.
*Interview skills.
TowerG, 1205
Isha- 8750455234

- Hello everyone....fresh batches for tution classes starting from 2nd June...from class 3rd to 10th (all subjects)...11th n 12th commerce... .
Tower G , 1205

RO Water purifier - FAQ

By - Ashutosh

Q. Contact for RO please.. kharrrab ho gya builder ka RO..n what's the warranty on it, can it be covered??
A. Mukesh has left pure it... you need to call Rahul..

You can get Rahul's number from tower guard or maintenance

Q. What maintenance office is saying on this. Issu?
A. Boss they are saying it's being purchased in 2014 n out of warranty. So asking to send email for bills etc.

Q. Is Maintenance office is manipulating this issue.
A. Bhai its not possible maine apna RO abhi in warranty sahi karaya aur maine RO last year shift karte waqt hi lagwaya tha par mere case me mere RO ki purchase date 10 february 2017 h....Inki purchase date me.hi golmol h

Q. What about pureit service center respose?
A. Call on pure it ro customer is covered for an year from the date of possession...all covered except external filter...

Q. RO engineer is charging very high, Is maintenance of RO is high?
A. RO parts are not so costly as RO engineer told us.

Q. How can minimize the RO maintenance cost after guranttee period?
A. Betrer to take AMC from company.

Q. Company offered AMC have higher charges, do we have alternate option?
A. No answer.

Q. Do we have water pressure issue?
A. Builder not used pressure reduce value system in water pipe line .....those the main reasons blasting of watet pipe line...those ..who lives on lower level. .R0 filter damaged in a ro internal filter damaged 2 time in a last 3 month. ..I can put prv with ro water line no problem.
Call him for more detail and service- 9810543245

Q. PVR System.
A. PRV system is important for high rise buildings, Ro ma alag sa lagta ha 600 rs ka ha wala hi laga dega.

Parking - FAQ

By - Ashutosh
Q. Where is the guest parking?
A. Outside the campus, near to Gate No 2.

Q. Is Covered parking alloted?
A. Yes on 8July 2017.
Dear Customers,
Greetings of the day!!
You are cordially invited for the allotment of Covered Car Parking in Arihant Arden(Tower A to J) going to be held on dated 8th July (Saturday) 2017 via Draw System. Request you to be present as per schedule timing mentioned as under:
Tower A To E              - 2 P.M to 4:00 P.M
Tower F to J                - 4.30 P.M to 6.30 P.M
Venue Detail :              - Podium, Arihant Arden
Looking forward for your kind cooperation
Thanks & Regards 
Team CRM 
website:, Head Office: 601/602, 6th Floor, Sachdeva Tower, Community Centre, Karkardooma, Delhi-110092, Ph. 011-45681580.
Q. Is Open parking had allotted.
A. Yes
Q. Do we have covered parking Map.
A. Please contact maintenance office for detail.

Q. Do we have all the detail about parking.
A. Please contact maintenance office.