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Feb 18, 2018

Complaint to GNA to improve near by Area roads of Arden.

By - Ashutosh

Please see the detail in attached image. Complaint is related to street
road, street light and Parking.


Feb 17, 2018

Annual power shutdown Notice 2018

By - Ashutosh

Please see detail About the annual POWER shutdown notice in attached


Ardenian can post on Arden website.

By - Ashutosh
Best way to get information to share each other. Thinking in this direction, I come up with a solution where now Ardenian can also post the content on our website.

Like Arihant resident want to share their feedback about school where their kids are studying can post the detail content on it, 

Like in our society there is good tuition Center, we can post the detail about this tuition Center here.

Similarly many others things we can share.

If you think anything that may be beneficial to other Arden resident, it will be ideal to post here.

click on this image to fill the form.
click on this image to fill the form

Process to post on Arden website:

1. Click on this link.
2. Guest Blog Page will in front of you.
3. Enter all the required detail on the Guest blog page.
4. Submit your Blog.

Your post will  updated on website in 24 hours.

Check this quick video to get idea how to do the above process.


Check Arihant Due Amount with GNA.

By - Ashutosh
Download pdf file.

As per this document Arihant Arden project have around 4 crore Amount due.

People are telling registry of phase 3 will not start untill Arihant clear this due.


Feb 10, 2018

NBM Mart - People Opinion

By - Ashutosh
-NBM Mart is taking more price than M.R.P in most of the packed items. Today I purchased bread and bill comes with 20 rs  against it M.R.P 18 rs .
So please check before paying money.
-There are three rates on bread packet. Please check other than delhi price. Delhi rates are not applicable here.
- Yes, it was checked and confirmed ,  bill price was more.
-  Waise bitter experience toh mera bhi nahi hai but ek feedback zarror hai. Counter pe jo Banda baitha hai beard was he is not polite at all. Aaj subah hi 2 ladies saying thi much lene and they asked the price of a product to which the guy responded very rudely saying batata hu. If you are handling customers then you should be courteous enough so that customers like to visit your shop again instead of avoiding it. This is make a big impact as and when the competition grows.
- Yep. I also experienced the same. He told its also purchasers responsibility to check MRP and expiry date of products.....
- Actually we take granted that if he is giving us bill by scanning the bar code then the expiry date and MRP will be already taken care.... But I felt that they purposely alter the system to sell the product on higher price....
-Ask your staff how many times they have blamed problem in software whenever caught for charging higher than mrp...if you are not able to get the software collected inform each and every buyer to check.
-Is it a joke. It is for sure seller's responsibility not to sell expired items or items at more than MRP.
Buyer just have to be aware about the same.
-Yep. Its seems, its a joke.... It is better to purchase from village market....
-Can we list items which are too higher salable in NBM mart then the ones in any kirana shop
-And this is not the only instance. I have been observing this since last 1 week.

- One customer shared this image.