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Mar 13, 2018

Current Maintenance related issue.

By - Ashutosh

Date: 13 March 2018.

Following is the list of issues:

Seepage Issue in basement/common area

This is a long-running issue in society. Despite several reminders and follow-up, it is in an unresolved state.What type of measure/standard was followed while construction that the seepage is a severe issue for so long? It's been said by the project team that they are working on it (so many months?) despite solving the existing issue new causes like Pool, common area wash, fountains also causing seepage now. We expect an immediate action on this and assurance of safety.Lots of residents facing the seepage issue in their flats as well because of negligence on pipe-blockage/water leakage on the roof.

Lift Issues:

In almost every tower, lifts failure has been a severe life-hazard issue. Most of the lifts are making friction sound/weird noise and stop suddenly with jerk oftenly. It could lead to casualties.
Many residents complained about free falling of lifts down to few floors.Lifts must be on a separate power supply to avoid lift-operation issue while maintenance activity/LT panel activities.

As per maintenance records, Thyssen does lift-health-check monthly but it seems that there is no supervision. Looks like Thyssen is just doing formality letting human lives in danger. Could management take an immediate action to ensure lift safety ASAP? 

Open Shafts: 

Life-hazard issue, it's really very dangerous. We need an immediate action on this.

Manpower issue with the housekeeping staff:

As per the last meeting held with Top Management/Mr Jain in April 2016, It was said by management that there will be enough manpower to properly handle various cleaning, gardening operations. Now, more than 650 families are shifted in society but manpower is even less than before. It is observed that 2 or 3 housekeeping guyshandling two towers simultaneously, and here are impacts:

Floors cleaning is not happening properly.
No disk-scrubbing machine being used for a long time.No regular watering to gardens/plants, greenery is reducing day by day.Draught like situation for plants, no watering for weeks. (dry surface in gardens is the witness).Dirtyness in common area toilets.After raising an issue with maintenance, it takes longer than usual to resolve the issue because of manpower shortage.

Fogging/Pest Control: 

  Hard to walk-around gardens, podium and other common areas because of mosquitoes. It was said that regular fogging will be done but that happens randomly.

Regular fogging is must in society.
Please ensure fogging up to few floors to get rid of mosquitoes.Material/chemical formulae used for fogging solution needs to be of appropriate standard.Rats become a big problem from past few months, Electric wires/FTTH cables and common area fittings are being damaged day-by-day. Please take immediate action to avoid further issues.

Basement Parking: 

Basement is in worst condition with lots of seepage, garbage and cleaning issues. It needs urgent attention.
Parking way is not appropriate and needs to be surveyed to avoid issues.Tower entry gates in the basement are not managed properly, mostly remain open or access-card not work.

Security Issues: 

Shortage of guards has been observed many times, same guards doing double shifts (how they can be responsive and alert?)
Randomly, gate no.2 becomes non-operational.Permanent guard presence is required near Valencia boundary, it's a big security concern.There is only one guard for patrolling in nights, how a single guard can do patrolling in such a bigger area? Please take immediate action, it as a big security threat for society.Theft incidence increased in society, lots of vehicle parts/petrol stolen in past few months. An action is expected ASAP. CCTV camera is must in parking areas/basement to avoid theft incidences.Quality of CCTV footage is below-standards, Camera quality is worst. It needs to be taken care ASAP.

Please restrict unauthorised and minor-age labours in society.

Common Areas :

Common area lights are not working in many places.
Lights are either off or blinking. we heard that procurement is in progress (for last 6-7 months ??). Expecting a clear and reasonable timeline for this.
LCD screens not working in KLMN blocks.Fire exit doors are locked most of the times.

Dust pollution :

It's again a long-running issue.Residents of the road facing flats are badly affected because of dust. We complained a few months back as well and road-cleaning with water was started for some-time but after few days it was stopped. It's a serious health issue. We expect a quick solution.

Water Tanks:

Lots of water wastage on almost every day because of tank-overflow in many towers. It should be taken care ASAP.
Water running through few flat's balconies and side-walls which is causing seepage.tank-overflow alarms not working.Regular inspection should be carried out to assure tank-cleaning schedule and related remedies.

Water Cooler and Bus Shelter:

Three water coolers were promised by management (2 years back). After multiple follow-ups, a water cooler was installed near gate number 3 but later that was shifted to the basement.Summer is started, when should we expect water-cooler installation?Bus Shelters needs to be built. Lots of school going kids/parents face problems while standing in-front of society gates and at same times vehicles moving-in/out of the society. 

Society common festivals:

It was promised by management that they will contribute to society's four common functions celebrations. Management contributed to Janmasthmi function but denied for other functions after Janmasthmi.

In every society, Builder is contributing at least Rs. 25,000 per function (total four functions, example Gaur), We also expect from Arden management to help in common functions/festivals.

Please respond.


Club charges are unreasonably high, paying 12,000+other charges for a day is way costly. We want a review to fix appropriate charges.
Vendors for the catering in the club are limited/ restricted and they quote unreasonably high, why we can't bring our own cater?Music systems not allowed in club hall and it has been enforced to use inbuilt music system/speakers which is of worst quality. Either allow music system or please upgraded existing system.We pay for facilities but do not get satisfactory services which is really annoying.The pool is under some maintenance activity, please confirm the starting date of the pool for this season.

Complaint Management:

It has been observed on a regular basis that the complaint tracking/actions are not happening in an appropriate manner and residents have to wait for days to see an action on their complaint.

We expect to have an effective complaint-management system with proper tacking. An SMS based service could be integrated at reasonable expense.


Mar 5, 2018

Online Enroll for Voter ID Card

By - Ashutosh
This is a Guest post written by one of the Ardenian. 

Thank you very much for writing this very useful post!!

Many of us have not voter id card belonging to this present address. Take the benefit from this post and enroll online for Voter ID Card.

Have you got yourself enrolled for New Voter Card made with "Arihant Arden"

IF not, Apply Online Today or ASAP on

1. Open the website

2. Click on "Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting
from AC"

3. Select Language of Form 6 - Hindi / English

4. Select
State - Uttar Pradesh
District - Gautam Budh Nagar
Vidhan Sabha constituency - Dadri

5. If you already had a voter ID card of some other constituency
Select "अन्‍य सभा क्षेत्र से स्‍थानांतरण के कारण" (Also fill the EPIC card
number in "ईपीआईसी सं. (यदि जारी किया गया है)" column) / And if applying
for first time select "पहली बार के मतदाता के रूप में"

6. Fill in the required details

7. Upload your Pic (Plz make sure the size of pic is in KBs only)

8. Upload proof of "Date of Birth" - (Birth Certificate / Marksheet of
class 10 with DOB / Passport / PAN Card / Driving License / AADHAAR)

9. Upload "Residence proof" document - Ration Card / Passport / Driving
License / Latest rent agreement / Income Tax Assessment Order / Latest
Telephone Bill / Gas Connection Bill / Bank Passbook / Or Any post / letter
/ mail delivered through Indian Postal Department in the applicant's name

10. Select "मेरा नाम राज्य के निर्वाचन-क्षेत्र के, जिसमें मैं नीचे उल्लिखित
पते पर पहले से ही मामूली तौर से निवास कर रहा था निर्वाचक नामावली में
सम्मिलित कर लिया गया होगा और यदि ऐसा है तो मैं अनुरोध करता हूं कि उसे उस
निर्वाचक नामावली से हटा दिया जाए । " and fill in details from your previous
voter ID card

11. Click Sumit >>>> and its done....

You'll get a reference number for tracking your application

NoteYou can also contribute, Click this link to submit a new post. 

Power backup unit rate revision - March 2018

By - Ashutosh

There is revision in power backup charge.

Please see the attached documents for detail.

Team Arden website.

Feb 26, 2018

Holi Celebrations planning 2018

By - Ashutosh

Program detail.


*Holi 2018 in Arden*


Dear All,

In continuation to the discussion on Holi celebration in society, following is the final plan for celebration:

*1st March*

Holi dahan and pooja (6:30pm onward is muhurt) 

Dhol and Gulaal while holi dahan

*Venue : outside gate no. 3*

*2nd March*

Holi celebration starts at 10 am which will be ended by 3pm max.

Natural colours for Gulaal and liquid palash flower colors will be used.

Snacks (Veg pakode), Gujia and Thandai will be in the menu.

DJ will make the event more enjoyable 😊

*Venue : in front of LMN, open area*

Per flat contribution is Rs 300 (per flat).

 Last date for contribution *26 Feb 2018*

*Happy Holi*

See attached image for detail.


Feb 21, 2018

Get Individual power connection in your flat

By - Ashutosh

Now you can also get electricity at cheaper rate by getting individual
power connection in your flat

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